Monday, October 15, 2012

Face the dragon lord in the Tiamat slayer event in Aion online

Everything you have faced thus far has been building to a final showdown with Tiamat. Within the Dragon Lord’s Refuge, a new 12-person-alliance instance coming in 3.5, players’ skills will be tested to the limit as they face the mighty Balaur Lord in the Aion online game.
Defeating Tiamat will be no easy feat, but those who manage to accomplish the task may walk away rewarded in the Tiamat Slayer Event! There are two components to this event:
Tiamat’s Welcomers
The first alliance (12 members) to successfully defeat Tiamat will hold the honor of receiving the Dragonsbane title, signifying to all that they were the first to ‘welcome’ Tiamat to the NA Aion servers!
The Dragonsbane title lasts 15 days, and grants HP +100, Attack +3, Speed +5%, and Magic Boost +15!
Note that the first alliance to defeat Tiamat does not need to participate in the Tiamat Slayer Guide portion of the event to win their prize, although they are encouraged to do so!
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