Friday, July 12, 2013

2013 Dragon Slayer Awards Voting now is beginning Blizzard community has been nominated

The Dragon Slayer Awards are 100% user nominated and user voted. They focus on community managers, community builders and, most importantly, the community members of gaming. The Dragon Slayer Awards 2013 opened up voting polls to choose the winners of several notable gaming categories such as:
Most Passionate Fan Base
Top Community Management team
Community Manager of the Year
Notable Gaming Personality
World of Warcraft is among the Most Passionate Fan Base category, Several Blizzard Entertainment community managers have been nominated to the 2013 Dragon Slayer Awards. And the category for Community Managers of the Year contains: Netahera, Bashiok, Zarhym, Vaeflare, Rygarius, Daxxari, and Nakatoir.
Notable Gaming Personality — Sha of Happiness is up there against Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton, HuskyStarcraft and Totalbiscuit.
In the Machinima category is WoWCrendor and The Guild and the most notable gaming comic features WTF Comics, The Daily Brink and Penny Arcade.
Voting runs from early July, 2013 through September 2nd, 2013.For more information about game you can visit the official site.

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