Sunday, June 9, 2013

Introducing the changes of Guild Wars 2 US service leaderboards

John Corpening the PvP Team Leader will introduce us some changes going into the PvP ratings system.Sometimes a player needs to take a break from PvP to play WvW, continue their personal story, or explore the ever-changing world after working hard to climb the PvP leaderboards. To be fair to those who continue to work their way up in the rankings, however, we will be implementing an adjustment of a small percentage of your rating based on the amount of time since you last played a match.
The leaderboard standings of inactive players will slowly decline over time, giving active players a chance at higher standings. When an inactive player decides that it is time to get back in the arena, their rating will be restored once they play a match, and their leaderboard rank will be adjusted to where they stand at the time of their return.
In addition, Guild war 2 team made some changes to how their ratings system is applied in order to dampen ratings swings and to reduce the chance of new players getting put on a team with experienced players. They will continue to monitor the ratings system and make adjustments as they see fit for a better player experience.If you are looking for a full guide on all professions and a complete leveling guide for GW2 then check out 

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