Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Diablo 3 host version will include all content of 1.07

As we know the current PC version number of Diablo 3 is 1.0.8. Although the community manager has given several answers for the content of Diablo 3 host version, but still the official community players are curious on the motherboard what version when it’s on sale. Community manager Lylirra made answer to this, and let us know some new about the content of host version
When showing the PS3 version of diablo 3 for the first time I find is 1.0.7 content, but I don’t remember clearly. Maybe just an expectation – I like 1.0.8 h. in the buff. Host’s version of “diablo 3″ will include 1.0.7 so far all the content (including Paragon level that is to say, monster intensity, a duel, purgatory, and our game objects, systems and skills make the adjustment). There also some 1.0.8 content, such as online rewards – will also come on.
Density of host version of monster special done adjust, that is to say this point and PC version is different, but when you play to purgatory difficulty monster density will increase gradually.For more information  about game you can visit the official site.

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