Friday, June 28, 2013

Diablo 3 design team is considering the Possibility of Open World Mode

In Diablo 2 era, when we completed a chapter can through the station return to the previous scene again farm or kill BOSS. But In Diablo 3, you must exit the current game and choose the new task then start. Many players complain that this design causes Farm inconvenient.
Wyatt Cheng later in talking about the future of Diablo 3 interview also said he was very pleased to offer and see no transitions, no story line, open worldfor players to Farm and play games. Now the community manager Grimiku response to the players that the game designers and players at this time the focus is the same.
Just this If we got to act 2, and we join a fresh act 2 game, we can join any area we’ve visited prior to that and all bosses are there again.
If we have finished the game on act 4, we can move across all acts as we want and re-opening a game re-fresh everything. No bound-on-quest. The story-line shouldn’t restrict us from farming as we want.
I don’t really see the problem in switching in between acts. Hell, elites drop the best loot. If someone just loves to slain bosses, he can do so. All bosses available! If someone likes to farm keys, he can do so. Get 5 stacks anywhere across the 4 acts, and then search for all the different key wardens! Why not?
This will increase the replay ability a LOT as you are not forced to re-open games, be restricted to ONE quest to play onward from and not loose all stacks! If you love act 1 but also act 4, you open a game, go to anywhere in a1 and farm your favourite spots, maybe kill the butcher, you love to fight kulle? Then jump to kulle and then straight to act 4 because it is one of your favourite acts! Don’t like every area of act 4 ? You are not forced to play straight through the questline again!
I don’t see much sense in the quest-system as we have it atm but restricting player experience and choice. Maybe I’m a bit oldschool there but I’m quite sure many people would agree on that case.
Wyatt Cheng talked a little bit about making the world of Sanctuary more open in his interview with ArchonTheWizard, but it’s to early to have more details on how it would work. I think this all comes back to having more choices in content (something Travis Day talks about), and that’s something we’re definitely interested in providing more of.
I know a lot of you would like more concrete details on dates, or even a time frame estimate, but I don’t have any to share right now. We’d still prefer to talk about things we’re working on as early as possible rather than remaining silent (caveat: I know there are some of you who may disagree with this approach). That said, I think what Wyatt is talking about sounds pretty awesome, and we’ve seen a bunch of posts from the community on this topic. A lot of you mentioned it would be cool if there was a mode where there was an open world mode with no story, and I think it’s good for you to know that there are senior developers on the same page.For more information you can visit the official site.

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