Thursday, April 18, 2013

Did you have bug the most expensive MMORPG today?

Blizzard online store sales promotion, originally priced at USD$ 19.99 ,The World of Warcraft Battle Chest(including world of warcraft complete game, the burning crusade expansion set, the wrath of the lich king expansion set, includes first month of game time, 256-page beginner’s guide from brady games),now only need USD$ 10, the event is begin, the physical box version is robbed, you are may be said, why my actions do not hurry it?

Do not worry, this activity will continue to the end of the week to April 23. There are still a lot of digital download and DKEY version, the price is also USD$10.00.

There are some players expressed dissatisfaction with Blizzard’s current activities,they think that after the release of the game's new piece of information, the first piece of information should be free update. There are more and more online game free now, but "World of Warcraft" is still the most expensive, of course, is also the most popular MMORPG, if you want to play the Mists of Pandaria in such activity, you still need to pay USD$ 70 (bout 432 yuan)

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