Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New pets in WOW 5.2 version

WOW 5.2 Version add new pets, please see the followings methods to get these pets.

1.      dinosaur pet:
Giant island is located in northern Kunle Mountain, there are many kinds of dinosaur, is a dangerous place, there are total five pets in here, four pets you can caught in wild place, the finally dinosaur pet obtained by exchange with NPC, players need to kill dinosaurs and collect 999 dinosaur bone, see the small blue one.

There are total four color panda pets, red pet is the reward from task of “ beast in fairy” , another three pets get from the pandas pet bag in fairy tale.

3. Fishing pets:
There are green, blue, red, white 4color fish pets, the green pet can get JinXiu Gu waters directly, the remaining should wait until 5.2 new fishing activities

4. Raytheon Island:
five small pets can collect in this island, the first you should kill some certain monster to get, the remaining you can catch in the wild

5. other pets

looking for professions guidance,leveling guide for game, check here

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