Friday, January 4, 2013

GW 2: High level snowflake cause your account ban

Guild Wars 2's Wintersday is drawing to a close, last night, ArenaNet started leaving presents on the accounts of certain players: permanent bans! that's why?

Because during the holidays, ArenaNet ran a charming little Christmas event called Wintersday for festively to GW 2 players. Unfortunately, one of the items introduced in the event, a high-level snowflake in this case, was bugged. By combining the snowflake with a Black Lion salvage kit and some metal, players could generate limitless globes of ectoplasm, a highly-sought after crafting material. although the exploit was closed almost as soon as it popped up, but many players have to do the" exploitation",  those players that got caught doing so are now facing a permanent ban.

Guild wars 2 LFG app has announced that the latest version is now available for IOS devices and has been released on iTunes, to remind the players, when playing the guild wars 2 game in the further, when appear another bugged, don't have luck mood to do the " exploitation" event, your account will ban by ArenaNet, more details click here.

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