Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How to resolve "not received the Lost Coast compensation package"

Lost Coast event compensation package sent to is the end, if your character is not received compensation Mail, you can by the complainant, the official will arrange payment compensation to you. The steps are as follows:
1 into the official website SUPPORT
2 Select the above “ASK A QUESTION”
3 The types of problems selected GAMEPLAY-OTHER
The title of the problem must be marked "Missing Karka Chest" (official in the question and answer that will give priority to the issues of this title) Content probably said” I have been waiting for several days, but still not received lost coast compensation packages "Missing Karka Chest", hope you can help me to solve as soon as possible.”
6 other information filled about your own situation
7 Click Send official, remember to choose the "right" button.
Guild Wars 2 official receipt will soon handle the event, I wish you a happy, want to get GW 2 gold, game guidance, leveling guide, click here.

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