Sunday, November 11, 2012

Update the changes in the lost shores in GW 2

Do you know the lost shores in guild wars 2? I have one article about it in my blog, today, let me rewrite it again, have more changes, this event will be live on the 16th of November, that it will be a one time event, if you miss this, you missed it.
The lost shores will open up a new map, will it just be a small intro to a new map, no, you can see it will be a large from these changes. Some poor beached whale brought a tear to our eye, then we will ask what could have caused this? We not once saw a whale in around Lion’s Arch, the surface of the water showed something even more disturbing, ships float on the surface, their sails tattered form battle, posters could be found on several building, even though I can’t read these posters, but I think it could be asking for heroes, may be warning, may be for assistance…….what dangers await us? Read more article, click here
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