Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Teach you to make money in the guild wars 2”auction house”

Auction House Game Exchange

The first to explain the mode of operation in the TPtransaction, whether to buy or sell, you can through “direct transactions” or "single transaction" way to finish, they are two sides of the same coin, when you choose “direct transactions” that you are traded with other orders in guildwars 2 game.

If you pay attention to each commodity in buy or sell, you will found there have price drops in both sides, the Exchange will be take total of 15% form sellers, if the price drops less than 15% , you will lose money

In other words, if the price drops more than 15%, you can earned the money, pay attention to Mobility of goods is more important than profitability. Can not choose unpopular goods, may not be sold.

We open the TP Home in GW 2 the mobility of the right Goods is good, for example: the first commodity Mithril Ore, second Unidentified Dye,, the third Iron Ore, calculate the price you will find no space to make money, but think what is use to do buy Mithril Ore? Of course, is made ​​of Mithril Ingot, then Mithril Ingot production equipment ah! So let us look up the price of Mithril Ingot: purchase price: 58 copper 2519 people selling price: 69 copper 528, 70 copper 2215, (70-58) / 70 = 0.17142> 0.15, so you can make money .

Of Course, you can look for other products, does not necessarily as the good list Also remember that trading is not for one product, you can pick more than goods that will low the risk, More Guild Wars 2 gold here


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