Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Flaming Skull Retweet Comp for the runescape game

Is anyone else feeling the heat at the moment? Maybe it’s the summer sun, perhaps it’s all this running around in heavy armour. Or, and this is a long shot, it might be that MY HEAD IS A FLAMING SKULL. IN runescape game

If your head isn’t a flaming skull, but you would like it to be, this competition to win one of three Flaming Skulls is for you. Follow these simple instructions to enter: 

1) Go to our Official RuneScape Twitter page. 
2) Look at our favourite tweets and find the one that mentions skulls being on fire and #RuneScape Summer.
3) Retweet that bad boy!

We’ll be picking 3 winners at random from all the re-tweets we see over the next few days. That’s 3 Flaming Skulls we’re giving away in total - so plenty of chances to win!  

We'll DM you via twitter to let you know if you're a winner; just reply with your account name *only* and we'll do the rest! 

igshops team hope you are good luck and have fun!

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